Be Bold

Somebody find me a carnival out fit and another boob asap lol but really I have seen this and another beautiful women on my time line rock a beautiful hue of blue on their head and I love it 😍. It’s a bold move…people laugh smirk and mean mug some even make comments just loud enough for you to hear their snide remarks…they have no idea what I been through or why I chose this and believe it or not alot of thought was put in to this choice…here’s why…

I am okay with not being seen I can play the background like no bodys business. I was comfortable there. Over the years I made a few changes and I have been getting more comfortable being uncomfortable. This past year the diagnosis of stage 3 breast cancer pushed me even further. Its okay to be seen its okay to be different its okay to stand out boldly (yes I know some people do this and dont make a big to do about it… but I get to because some people believe you are just born that way and not that you can be come that way)

Complete tangent real quick you ever see someone and they walk tall proud and confident you look at them and think they have no insecurities what so ever and that if you were like them or looked like them you would be more confident and bold… I use to think that some times. That thought creeps up when I admire someone. But thankfully because of a few transparent moments and open conversations I learned they have insecurities too they are not as bold as they come off … Talk about ah haaa moment…

Okay back to my topic lol.

I realized that my life is not promised and the things I like love or want to do should be done. I dont have to sit and watch life happen to me I can show up even when I dont feel like it. Bold choices make you do this. You will be seen you will be notice will you show up?

I dont always feel like I have energy nor do I feel like being seen sometimes specially with all my thoughts about how to build a new normal all the new aches and scars and lack of boob. Oh and medically induced hot flashes and emotional roller coaster of feelings. It can put you in a real funk …but this color in my hair makes me smile. It makes me show up be Present and be positive …be dope not down (I will talk more about that phrase I coined later in another post) I get a kick out of the double looks and laughs from others.  I speak to those who stare and look at me weird.  I then compliment them on something or address the elephant in the room. Why that color ? When they look puzzled I provide a piece of the puzzle…. this is why. They may or may not get it and thats cool… I use to care too much about what others thought. Their valadtion ment something now I wonder why does it bother YOU that My hair is different why laugh or make negative comments about something that doesn’t hurt harm or have any effect on you?

I have gotten some pretty awesome compliments so Dont think that its been all negative it hasnt.  For me its been a fun and freeing part of the journey… New normal Im okay with my choices even when most people arent.

Tell me about a bold move or choice you made and why?


2 thoughts on “Be Bold

  1. Your blog called be bold just blessed me. I thought I was reading a page out of a self help book/personal development book from a top selling author. Your expression about your weakness, your insecurities and vulnerabilities and learning how to embrace the new you really released strength and a sense of confidence through the power of your transparency. Looking forward to hearing more from you. And to be honest I can relate with wanting validation from others and at times not being able to be comfortable with me and feeling like if I was more like him I would have it all together. That really hit home for me

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    1. Thank you so much Patrick I appreciate you. Its healing for me to share and I am happy that I can offer someone else the chance to reflect on something they have experienced on their journey. I look forward to sharing more


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