Free to just be…body positivity

The first few weeks after getting my breast removed I founf it hard to get comfortable some times. Lack of sleep can cause you to feel emotionally and physically weak. I had a moment tears started to fill my eyes and my thoughts tried to take over…..

What thoughts 🤔

Can I do this

Why me 

Fear of unknown things concerning treatment.

I started to pray tears stoped 

My aunt called to check to see if I had a ride for sugarbaby and ministered to my spirit for like 2 min  by reminding me of Gods unconditional love. 

I listened to a song that has been so very helpful during this process. … I started to worship #worshiping>worrying 

God is able

 I dont have to be bound by fear 

I CAN do this

 and to answer WHY me …so I can help others get through this. So I can learn to live fully and freely

I had to learn to love my body dispite it being altered.

My womanhood (in my mind)came in to question would I still feel feminine… (I never had a big chest and I have been very self conscious about how I look. I wondered how would people treat me seeing me disfigured will they notice I only have one boob? After going out a few times when I was able I learned no one noticed or at least said anything. It was okay.

A few days ago while I was in Miami I met this awesomely free lady🍁🌹. She was topless. My friends said hey is she ….I said yup she is topless. I thought wow she is bold and free and loves her body. We dont have to sexualize everything. We dont have to be ashamed. I survived I am still fighting feelings thoughts and physical battles it was nice to be free for like 3 seconds😂. Bonus on this journey I made a new friend❤ 




2 thoughts on “Free to just be…body positivity

  1. Hi, Danielle, first time reading your blog. Happy you are in a better space and continuing to heal/grow. You are truly a inspiration and yiu are a very brave person. Thank you for letting us learn through your experience.

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