After my mastectomy

This was then ……​A quick up date… I believe I am healing well after surgery and have a follow-up appointment next week.

So many of you may not know what this process is like. Its weird because my pain is minimal but it its bothersome. I have drains that I have to  monitor and empty. Also have to document the color and amount of fluid that drains out (fluid builds up in the  body and needs to find a path of least resistance to exit the body the drains help create that path).  These drains are coming out of my side and thanks to a unknown lady (who donates them.to the hospital ) I have a tiedyed pink  home Depot pouch on to keep them from just hanging about. Kinda like a fanny pack its helpful. 

the soreness the limited range of motion of my right arm and not being able to get comfortable at night are the challenges I have right now. I am blessed that this is all each step of this journey is teaching me alot . (I have been creating a list of each thing as I become aware of them. )  

Im being transparent with this mostly to help others see the importance of checking your self eating better self care etc but its also a lil therapeutic for me. It reminds me that I dont have to be ashamed of what I am going through. That I am more then my body hair or mood at any given time. (This was not a quick up date  lol )  

Last part

A good friend of mine lives a great distance away but wanted to help me as I battle cancer she created a you caring account to help me with some of the financial strain that may present it self during this time…please check it out. Thanks in advance #kisscancerbye 


Today I have no right breast still not sure if or when I will get reconstruction. I have scars where the drains came out of my body but Im still here. Im grateful for that


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