MRI and a Shot

Just left from getting an MRI …THAT IS ONE LOUD PIECE OF MACHINERY. Im so glad Im not easily unnerved by being in small spaces. Its a pretty close fit in the machine. Somethings that helped music positive self talk and knowing it would be over soon. I didnt know I would have to get contrast via an IV I thought I would have to drink something but that is for a ct scan not an MRI. Im not big fan of needless but today I have had the joy of  getting two… one for the IV and the other the monthly trelstar shot 💉 in my butt 😔.  I do my best to be rational about all that needs to be done. I trust that it will help me stay healthy and that out weighs any fear or discomfort.

How do you manage un-comfortable situations?

Ps I’m sure I earned icecream and or cookies today.


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