365 days have passed

  1. I was looking for a picture to add to this post my first blog ever. I wanted to show my self then and now. I didnt have one (weird I take a picture of myself or my Sugababy at least once a day lol)But given the circumstances I underatand why. I was still wrapping my head around a phone call I recived on 6/30/2016.  On this day last year 7/5/2016 I decided to share a ground shaking moment in my life. (Random realization here most of my journey has fallen around significant days fourth of july the presidents last day in office was my last chemo treatment and cinco de mayo was my last radation treatment all dealing with freedom from  stressful complicated situations). Wow!! I shared with everyone that I had breast cancer. Talk about a sscary😓 . I knew that my friends and love ones would be there for me… I didnt know how much it would bless me though all that I was going to go through.
  • My sharing this journey has been such a cathartic way to manage my thoughts and feelings and provided away to inform others of what one goes through while dealing with cancer. I was told how much this hit people because I was close to them and because they never new what happend. We act and and at times still think we are invincible…. so when something like cancer strikes someone you actually know it can hit you hard. I got many uplifting messages this day and many days that followed. I want to thank you! Each message ment so much to me.
  • Im not sure why this is being numbered or have bullet points I will figure it all out as I go lol just like this journey I had no idea what it would be like. You may wonder why didnt i write a blog during all of this…. I didnt know how I would feel and if I would be up to keeping a blog going. I did post often on facebook as things came up. This blog is in celebration of the journey there are many things I left out so welcome to my recap …I will post pictures and talk about where I was then and where I am now this journey is not over. This Pink Road is a major part of the journey. Please feel free to comment and share your thoughts encouragement and your story. 💋

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